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Our Vision
“We recognized that API toolsets were just the tip of the iceberg. The move to a micro-services based architecture was not just new tools but a paradigm shift in architecture.”   David deboisblanc

Chief Operating Officer, Visual Integrator Consulting, Inc.

Visual Integrator Consulting, Inc. (VIC) has deep expertise and history in middleware solutions and is focused on enabling its customers make the shift to micro-services based architecture.  Jordan Braunstein, VIC co-founder is a nationally recognized leader in micro-services architecture and enablement.
“API technology is an innovative and powerful tool in an architect’s arsenal. They can enable delivery of new services, flexibility in meeting future needs, repeatability and rapid deployment.”   Jordan Braunstein

Chief Technology Officer and CoFounder, Visual Integrator Consulting, Inc.

Jordan has been an active leader in middleware solutions beginning with Web Methods, Oracle SOA and now spending the last 8 years concentrating on the microservices architecture revolution. Jordan has experienced and aided clients with the challenges that result from a shift to a microservices architecture.
“Information Technology teams need to have a new paradigm understanding in governance, patterns, testing, error handling, data model and security to achieve the promised outcomes”

VIC consulting has several frameworks and repeatable consulting approaches that enable their clients to achieve an effective microservices strategy. VIC’s Center for Enablement (C4E) is a very comprehensive framework to enable governance, design competence, flexibility and team understanding of microservices patterns and effective practices.
“Integration tools cover a broad range of capabilities so we have developed a referential architecture artifact that guides our consultants as well as our client’s architecture team”

 VIC has found the wide range of integration needs like asynchronous messaging, user experience layer to application development may require different tools. Additionally, each of the API vendors have their various strengths.  VIC has done numerous package selections and has the experience and repeatable approach to make quick, efficient technology decisions.
“A specialized consulting firm is built on its collection of top talent and on its repeatable practices and its ever-expanding intellectual property”

 Visual Integrator Consulting, Inc. is highly focused on collecting the best talent in the microservices and API ecosystem. Then enabling them with their practice governance, IP and approach frameworks. Our Microservices Enterprise Architects, Microservices/API Solution Architects and API Senior developers are the best in the industry. Not only that, but they are also enabled with VIC’s collective Intellectual Property
“If someone is a top microservices architect or developer, we want VIC to be the place where they join a team of the best and be proud of delivering effective and innovative solutions for our clients.”   

VIC is built on 3 core principles: 1. Top microservices talent 2. Repeatable microservices frameworks 3. Authentic, enthusiastic and accountable in its interactions.
“We serve Fortune 50 clients as well as midsized firms and we won’t stop until we deliver effective results to each of our clients”

Our Industries

Financial Services

Within our Financial Services practice, Visual Integrator has world class solutions in banking, insurance, and global markets for financial institutions both big and small.

Health Care

Our network of health care industry professionals will provide extensive advisory services that are specific to the evolving health care environment and the economics that drive it.

High Tech

Our technology consultants understand the importance of staying ahead of change, and they have developed an industry specific methodology to do just that.

Oil, Gas, and Renewable Energy

Our consultants provide in depth knowledge of the industry and best practices to our manufacturing clients.

Public Services

Within our Public Services practice, Visual Integrator has worked closely with our clients in Federal and Defense, State, Local, Health, and Intelligence Community sectors of various levels of government.


We understand the human elements that are the center of these organizations and how to ensure that service-related processes are successful.


Our consultants provide in depth knowledge of the industry and best practices to our manufacturing clients.


Our consultants provide in depth knowledge and experience of current trends and best practices in the industry and are eager to help telecommunication companies maximize the potential of the marketplace.

Transportation and Logistics

Our consultants have extensive knowledge of the supply chain best practices and methodologies. We understand the roles of consumers, suppliers, inventory management, and distribution centers.

Our Services

Visual Integrator Consulting has a different approach to consulting. Our Approach is both strategic and practical which separates us from the pure Advisory Firms and the pure Implementation Firm. Our Engagements consist of the following elements:


  • Microservices Strategy and Enablement 95% 95%
  • Deployment and Development 80% 80%
  • Managed Services 30% 30%
  • Customer Satisfaction 100% 100%

Our Leadership

Jordan Braunstein

Jordan Braunstein

CoFounder and Chief Technology Officer

David deBoisblanc

David deBoisblanc

Chief Operating Officer

Tyler Eastridge

Tyler Eastridge

Director of Customer Success and Business Development

Contact Us

Contact Us

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