Visual Integrator, Inc, better known as the “The RabbitMQ Experts” has extensive knowledge and experience of the RabbitMQ platform, Messaging and Queuing Architecture, and Microservices architectures. We are uniquely qualified and personally selected by Pivotal, Inc to be their GO-TO partner for RabbitMQ professional services and consulting firm for the US, Canada, and South America.
Our Unique Value Proposition


Tremendous amount of consulting experience with architecting, implementing, advising, supporting, and coaching clients on RabbitMQ, Microservice, and traditional Application and Integration deployments of RabbitMQ in the cloud, hybrid, and on-Prem deployments.

Supporting Expertise

Expertise on security, networking/infrastructure considerations, enterprise requirements, architecture, and design considerations for supporting RabbitMQ.

Best Practice Accelerators

Experience and Best Practice accelerators on implementing and supporting large scale RabbitMQ implementations, as well as scaled solutions for small and medium sized organizations.

Tailored Solutions

Best practices for distributed and federated integration solutions that have unique performance and message reliability requirements. Includcing Expertise with current and legacy releases of the RabbitMQ codebase across platforms.  We have catered to client requirements including custom builds of RabbitMQ and Erlang.  Examples include FIPS compliance and validation, as well as other Security requirements.

Our RabbitMQ Services
The RabbitMQ Experts cover all of your RabbitMQ needs.

Consulting Services

  • RabbitMQ integration into Microservices implementation, design, and architecture, whether based on Pivotal Cloud Foundry or another solution architecture (i.e. non-Pivotal).  Includes integration into Containers and Docker solutions, API Management and API Gateways, SOA and Enterprise Service Bus, and deployment into AWS, Azure, and Google clouds.
  • RabbitMQ Tuning and Performance.  Includes scalability, guaranteed messaging, performance improvements, sizing requirements, and configuration to ensure a scalable and future-forward messaging platform.
  • RabbitMQ Clustering, Load Balancing, Fail-Over, Business Continuity: Ensuring fault tolerance, high availability and proper setup, configuration, and customization no matter the physical deployment model.
  • Root Cause Analysis and problem resolution for service affecting issues as engagements and in production outages
  • RabbitMQ migrations (onto or off of RabbitMQ); RabbitMQ upgrades

Advisory Services

  • Subscription-based RabbitMQ advisory services. Real-Time access to RabbitMQ Experts.
  • Assessments of existing and planned environments including client connectivity, application code, best practices, and current design/development concepts including agile and continuous integration.
  • Mentoring, Knowledge Transfer, Advisory, Coaching on RabbitMQ integration/architecture support including design and peer reviews, and validation in alignment with process and design improvement techniques.

Support Services

  • Operations and Sustainment of RabbitMQ environments, RabbitMQ deployments, and complete solutions leveraging RabbitMQ.  Includes Service Level Agreements, Response and Resolution Times, and Dedicated Sr Level RabbitMQ Experts.
  • Commercial Support of RabbitMQ codebase, including– RabbitMQ fixes, patches, and general support.  Includes custom solutions to the RMQ codebase or forking as active participants of Open Source solutions.
  • Managed Services of Microservices and RabbitMQ solutions.
  • Hosting and Cloud support services for RabbitMQ in AWS and Azure.

Training Services

  • We can provide training, coaching, and advisory on RabbitMQ or Microservices planning, installation, configuration, and support for RabbitMQ.



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