Unlock the Power of SAP with our API’s, Microservices, and Connectors:


Do you need to make SAP Cloud ready or migrate to the SAP Cloud?

Do you need SAP to integrate with DevOps?

Do you need real-time visibility into SAP and integrated for your business analytics?

Do you need to integrate SAP with Systems, Partners, Clouds, SaaS, and Workflows?

Do you need to untangle your SAP spaghetti?



Visual Integrator, Inc, better known as the “The SAP Integration Experts” has extensive knowledge and experience of the SAP platform Inbound and Outbound, API, Microservices, Messaging, and Queuing Architecture. We are uniquely qualified and selected as the GO-TO partner for SAP Integration professional services and turnkey SAP API’s and Microservices


Tremendous amount of consulting experience with architecting, implementing, advising, supporting, and coaching clients on SAP Integration, Microservice, and traditional Application and Integration deployments of SAP in the cloud, hybrid, and on-Prem deployments.

Supporting Expertise

Expertise on security, networking/infrastructure considerations, enterprise requirements, architecture, and design considerations for supporting SAP Integration

Best Practice Accelerators

Experience and Best Practice accelerators on implementing and supporting large scale SAP integration implementations, as well as scaled solutions for small and medium sized organizations.

Tailored Solutions

Best practices for distributed and federated integration solutions that have unique performance and message reliability requirements. Including Expertise with current and legacy releases of SAP platforms.

Our SAP & Microservices Features and Services


Convert SAP into modern architecture and solutions.  API and Microservice enablement for IDOC, BAPI, RFC, EDI, Netweaver, Gateways, XI, PI, BI, ABAP, BASIS, Hana, Leonardo, Business Hub, Hybris, API.

 Convert SAP Objects into JSON and XML, exposed internally or externally, with full security features and policies.

Make SAP data and objects reusable across the enterprise, through frameworks, catalogs, API Contracts, and more.

DevOps enablement across SAP and Integration to and from SAP.  Continuous Integration and automation, automated testing, automated deployments into docker containers.

Integrate SAP into an API Gateway for enterprise management.  Allow OAUTH2 and OpenID Connect, routing, throttling, rate limiting, and full security controls on API and Microservices. 

Integrate SAP to and from any System, Trading Partner, Mobile Application, Cloud, SaaS

Enable SAP data into modern Mobile Applications through API and Microservices

Capture data from SAP in real-time for business analytics.  Leverage real-time data capture into NoSQL databases such as Mongo, Elastic, and Couchbase.

Integrate SAP into real-time Workflows and Business Processes for automation, approvals, and integration. 

Integrate SAP with Internet of Things (IoT), telemetry, and field devices

Integrate SAP into marketplaces, Supply Chains, Industry Hubs, and API’s. 

Subscription-based RabbitMQ advisory services. Real-Time access to RabbitMQ Experts.

Assessments of existing and planned environments including client connectivity, application code, best practices, and current design/development concepts including agile and continuous integration. 

Mentoring, Knowledge Transfer, Advisory, Coaching on RabbitMQ integration/architecture support including design and peer reviews, and validation in alignment with process and design improvement techniques.



Turnkey SAP API, Microservices, and Integration: Design, Development, Testing, Deployment, and Operations Management

SAP integration into Microservices implementation, design, and architecture.  Includes integration into Containers and Docker solutions, API Management and API Gateways, SOA and Enterprise Service Bus, and deployment into SAP Cloud, AWS, Azure, Google, and Oracle clouds.

Architecture Frameworks to enrich SAP integrations.  Examples include:  Logging, DevOps, Error Handling, Testing, Monitoring and more (ask for our complete Framework list)

Accelerators to capture SAP data and objects for Inbound and Outbound through API and Microservices

SAP Cloud Migration to or from.

Microservices and Integration Center for Enablement to integrate SAP

Agile SAP Integrations leveraging Sprints, Jira or Version 1, Agile-based projects and products

SAP Migrations to or from other ERP’s,  such as Oracle, Netsuite, JD Edwards or CRM’s, such as Salesforce, Dynamics, or custom.


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