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Visual Integrator Consulting is Laser Focused on Microservices Architecture and Enterprise Integration. From On Premise Applications to Cloud Deployment and Integration, we provide Microservices Strategy, Architecture, Full Lifecycle Project Management, Development and Client Enablement.
MuleSoft Frameworks

Delivered fast through our pre-built MuleSoft Templates, Blueprints, and Industry Experts.


• OAUTH2 or SAML: 1 Week or less
• Integration with PING, OKTA, or A/D: 1 Week or less
• Ensure External API’s are secure: 1 Week
• Cloud to Cloud or Cloud to On Premise Security: 1 Week
• Assessment or Validation of your existing Security: 1 Week


• Rabbit MQ, AWS SQS, Azure Service Bus, or other: 1 Week or les
• Queuing Optimization: 1 Week or less
• Queuing Integrity and Guaranteed Messaging: 1 Week or less


• Continuous Integration/Development: 1 week
• Automated Regression Testing: 1 week
• Training Developers on process: Less than 1 week

Platform Optimization

• Performance Management with SLA’s: 1 week
• Monitoring & Alerting: 1 week
• Implement AppDynamics, NewRelic, Solarwinds, or other: 1 week

There’s More

Logging, Error Handling, Transaction Management, EDI/B2B, etc.

Each MuleSoft Fixed Price Framework delivers with:

1) Implementation in your Environment

2) Blueprint Documentation

3) Knowledge Transfer

**The list above is not our comprehensive list, so if you have another MuleSoft or API Framework needed, let me know, and we can discuss, as we probably have it!



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