How to Measure Microservices and API Success

Listed below is a list of metrics to manage Microservices and API initiatives



  1. Self Service Enablement. Providers and Consumers adhere to the policies, practices, processes, and standards created by the Microservices/API Marketplace teams. Once they are familiar with such approaches, they can be self-serving to follow the processes with minimal interaction. A measure of success shall be how Providers and Consumers can effectively complete their interactions with minimal intervention.

2. Adoption of the Microservices and API Marketplace.This can be measured in the # of APIs published, # of Consumers total and for specific APIs, # of API calls.

3. Minimalization of Defects, Issues, Complaints.By establishing processes and quality control mechanisms, a measure of success will be keeping the API defects, issues, and complaints low from API Consumers.

4. Project Implementation Speed:By using Microservices and APIs from the API Marketplace, project teams can implement their business processes quicker by leveraging an existing service from the marketplace, instead of recreating one.

5. Lower Total Cost of Ownership:For the same reason as described in #4, by re-using existing Microservices assets and services that are discoverable in the marketplace, instead of recreating new ones, lowers the total cost since it lowers implementation and maintenance of duplicate assets.

Jordan Braunstein, CTO