Videos and Podcasts

At the Kscope 2011 Conference in Long Beach, California, Visual Integrator’s Jordan Braunstein discusses Fusion Advisory Services.  Also included is a fun video clip of Jordan Braunstein at Kscope 2010 in Washington D.C after his triumphant victory on the surfing game (at the 2:46 mark).


2011 Video Interview of Visual Integrator Jordan Braunstein  at Cloud Computing Expo in New York City, on the importance of Cloud Architecture and Cloud Advisory Services.


Oracle ACE Directors Mike van Alst (IT-Eye) and Jordan Braunstein (Visual Integrator Consulting) and Oracle product manager Jeff Davies debate a variety of issues affecting architects and architecture, including social computing, the role of technology, the effects of Baby Boomers and Generations X and Y working together (or trying to), and what it takes to be a good architect.