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Visual Integrator article quotes:

Visual Integrator has been quoted in periodicals, articles, and online content including Oracle Magazine on topics such as Enterprise Architecture and Service Oriented Architecture.

EBQ Advisory contributions on  Cloud, BPM, SOA, and Enterprise Architecture

Visual Integrator contributes to the EBQ Advisory Board as an active advisor on leading software architecture trends and their business impacts.   This includes topics such as Cloud, Enterprise Architecture, Business Process Management (BPM), and SOA.


Integration Audit Methodology

Many integration systems operate effectively when first deployed, but don’t have the proper design to scale to all the businesses future demands and initiatives. Integration is an automation tool; technology departments cannot afford personnel time for debugging broken code, manually tracing transactions, or fixing broken systems.
An Integration Audit discovers and rectifies system defects today, rather than encountering them in a Production system, when the business is least prepared. System downtime, Lost Transactions, and Sub-par Performance can all be avoided through an Integration Audit. Understanding all the features, complexities, nuances, and limitations of a commercial integration product is difficult and often translates to improper implementations. An Integration Audit provides the necessary system checks to ensure an environment is healthy and operating optimally.


Mobile Application Development

Mobile Applications are essential to today’s business users.  User’s expect IT to provide the ability to use enterprise software systems on mobile devices.  This whitepaper is a primer on mobile application and identifies the key considerations, constraints, and success factors for developing applications to integrate with corporate enterprise systems.