Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management (PfM): A structured approach that empowers decision-makers to manage investments to execute strategy using knowledge about each investment and the organization’s mission to assess, prioritize, selectively fund and provide ongoing oversight.

What we provide:

  • PfM methodology/process development and implementation; current state assessments and process improvement; and execution support
  • Portfolio analysis and decision-making support
  • Support for federal business case (Exhibit 300) completion and evaluation
  • Capabilities-based planning and PfM to prioritize mission requirements and translate business strategy into investment decisions
  • Training on federal requirements and best practices
  • Facilitation with related disciplines including strategy, budgeting and architecture to ensure a comprehensive governance approach

How we deliver:

  • Experienced, dedicated PfM SMEs with broad experience
  • Experience with supporting toolsets such as EPICCS, Primavera ProSight, Métier WorkLenz, CA Clarity

Portfolio Management is the continuous process of selecting and managing the optimum set of projects that an organization can undertake in order to deliver maximum business value. The Visual Integrator Portfolio Management Solution focuses on the identification, selection, prioritization, and evaluation of projects for membership in a corporate portfolio, as well as the performance of individual projects and portfolios.

The Portfolio Management Solution incorporates a four-step model for identifying an organization’s portfolio of active, inactive and future projects, and then planning a course of action for managing the project portfolio. The model also establishes a formal portfolio management process to support the execution of the Portfolio Management Model segments.

The Portfolio Management Process consists of a series of steps and associated processes that support the execution of the Portfolio Management Model segments. Those steps encompass Business, IT and Corporate/Holding Company entities and elapse at different points throughout the fiscal year. This model can be implemented either enterprise-wide or using a more limited focus. The steps and associated portfolio management processes are grouped in Annual, Quarterly, Monthly and On-Demand categories.

Portfolio Management