Information Management

Today’s organizations are drowning in an exponential growth of raw data, which is becoming increasingly complex to access and manage. Despite huge investments, data is locked up in siloed systems and not rationalized for use across the enterprise.

We are passionate about shaping the information management industry and profession. We make our tested information

Information Management

management methodologies and intellectual assets openly available to the industry, allowing our clients and information management professionals to see faster results. Our style is to collaborate fully with our clients and our peers in the information management profession, establishing ourselves as thought leaders, seeking outside input to our methods, and leading the effort to build an open source community. We tell it like it is. We don’t oversimplify our clients’ challenges in order to get the job, but strive to help our clients with sustainable and manageable solutions that meet their objectives over time. Our consultants have a deep, solution domain capabilities across a broad range of business and technology disciplines that affect information management, such as information strategy, business intelligence, search, content and data management, systems integration, process improvement and change management.

Our Information Management value proposition includes:

  • Our solutions address three common areas of improvements: enhanced decision making and appropriate access to information; increased effectiveness and consistency in capturing and sharing information and data; and more secure and cost effective retention of enterprise information.
  • We recognize that information management is business issue and must be treated as such. Pure technology-based approaches to information management add to the proliferation of systems without addressing core business issues.
  • We understand that “one-size-fits-all” approach doesn’t work. A strategic approach that aligns with enterprise priorities and practical process for implementation will create value over the short and long term.
  • We adopt a structured approach to managing information. Common industry standards will enhance the value of information within and beyond the enterprise.

We offer specific solutions that cover the full spectrum of enterprise information management and deliver long-term value to your organization.

Information Strategy, Architecture and Governance solutions.

Information Strategy,Architecture and Governance Solution

Begin with the fundamentals to create your information management vision and set a solid foundation for information management disciplines and systems. We help you assess your current situation and develop a clear path to establish standards, deal with the complexities of information flows and decision points, and build processes for managing information quality, consistency, security and availability.

Enterprise Data Management (EDM) solutions. Create a cohesive, strategic view of your information needs, enhance your analytical and decision-making capacity, and implement processes and tools to manage your business performance. Our EDM solution offerings help you address the transformational and continuous improvement challenges for improving data quality, costs, compliance and interoperability of data across the enterprise.

Our information management solutions can help you:

  • Make better informed, more timely decisions. We helped a pharmaceutical company standardize data across dispersed systems. Better data visibility has led to millions in savings to date.
  • Meet compliance mandates more effectively. We worked with a bank to establish a consolidated, centralized database for credit risk information that allowed it to comply with BASEL II requirements.
  • Enhance performance through financial transparency. We assisted a major university health system in the development of a systematic approach to managing unstructured data, decreasing financial write offs and increasing charges per encounter coded.
  • Improve customer relationships and drive sales effectiveness. We helped a leading specialty chemicals company build an enterprise “info-structure” to better understand its customers, resulting in improved customer service and reduced cost of sales.
  • Streamline operations and enhance business performance. We helped a financial services company increase operational efficiency by replacing highly manual, disparate transaction systems. Automation of settlement transactions reduced personnel requirements by 50 percent.
  • Manage information with the same priority and security as your other business assets. We assisted a pharmaceuticals company in implementing sales force automation, a call center and analytics.