Enterprise Architecture

Visual Integrator’s EA Methodology is a way to employ EA for organizations that deals with the modern pressures of projects in corporations, government Agencies, and business units, while still providing the conceptual benefits that experienced architects can bring.  Our methodology captures the context of project management cost, schedule, and scope.  It is a flexible methodology yet meets the contract requirements for an EA engagement, providing success for both our clients and us.  Our projects usually start with an assessment and analysis manner in which an organization can have a short EA-focused effort then decide if it wants to continue with a full scale EA implementation.  Most importantly, our EA methodology is designed to cause sudden improvement in the way an organization runs strategically.

Some of the benefits of our EA implementations include:

  • Data Relevance. As a result of improved data quality, system data are relevant to the business needs and enable business operations improvements.
  • Performance. Data linked to performance measures provide the ability for organizations to regularly track performance and identify areas for improvement.
  • Business Aligned Value. Better understanding of the enterprise view of information and systems allows organizations to develop business-aligned products and services
  • Reduced Isolated Systems. Awareness of an enterprise view of information and systems reduces development of isolated systems.
  • Information Sharing. Provide the capabilities to access, share, and protect information.
  • Interoperability. Facilitated discovery and planning of information and systems to create interoperability.
  • Better Funding Decisions. Better anticipation of the business and IT environment by investment managers so they can make better funding decisions,including new starts and upgrades.
  • Optimized Business Activities. Identified user needs to optimize the users’ tasks execution.

Architecture Services