Software AG Managed Services

Looking for  88% ROI savings on your Managed Services ? The #’s Speak for themselves :

Managed Services Calculator

Cost Description Cost Amount Factor
Total Annual In-Sourcing Cost
$ 380,000
# of Employed ESB Sys Admins Employed 1
ESB Sys Admin Employee Annual Salary $ 100,000
Employee Fringe Benefit $ 25,000 25%
Corporate Admin Cost $ 25,000 25%
Recruiting and continuing HR Fees $ 20,000 20%
Business coat for Administrator unavailability $ 20,000 20%
Total Cost Per Administrator $ 190,000
Back-up Admin for coverage , task sharing , off peak administration $ 190,000

Managed Services ROI Calculator

Cost/Benefit Description Cost Amount
Managed service monthly cost $ 16,404
JumpStart Ammortized Monthly service monthly cost $ 833
In-Source Monthly Cost $ 31,667
Total Monthly Savings $ 14,429

Software AG Middleware is the Transactional Pipeline for your business processes and slow performance and down time are unacceptable. To help customers,  Visual Integrator provides: “Application Level Managed Services” for Oracle Fusion Middleware to manage Middleware Operations, Sustainment, Administration, and Continuous Improvement.

Our solution differs from traditional Managed Service Providers (MSP) who only support your hardware, hosting, and helpdesk.  Yep, that’s all they do,.  They don’t provide  what we provide.

We manage the specifics of your environment with deep, intimate knowledge and expert level management of your:

  • Your Business Processes
  • End to End Transactions & Guaranteed Delivery
  • Day to Day Health
  • Your Applications
  • Daily Performance Improvements
  • Monitoring & Auditing

Visual Integrator Difference…

  • Lower Cost… See ROI Calculator
  • Specialized  skills for Oracle Fusion Middleware
  • Flexible—Host with anyone (including us if you prefer)
  • Flexible Personnel locations:  US Based, Onsite, Off-shore
  • Dedicated US Sr. Engineers for daily Root Cause Analysis
  • Guaranteed SLA’s


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