SOA Implementations

There are many different technologies, platforms, and software available for developing SOA compatible systems. Some of these technologies, such as XML, have been broadly adopted and accepted because it is theoretically technology independent. Other technologies associated with Web Services, which is one technique for building technical services, include SOAP, WSDL, J2EE, and .net. There are a variety of commercial platforms that have proven successful in the field for yielding robust SOA implementations. Some of the platforms we have worked on include: Oracle Fusion Bea Aqua Logic, IBM Web Sphere, Software AG/Web Methods Fabric, Tibco, Microsoft Biz talk, and Mule Open Source Visual Integrator has experience not only implementing, architecting, and running projects on these platforms and technologies, but we have experience ensuring exceptional results by leveraging their capabilities, including: security, connectivity, identification processes, validation, mapping, data models, transport and messaging, transaction management, business process management and modeling, translation, business rules, semantics, interfacing, infrastructure, system/error/transaction monitoring, data analytics and BAM, transaction and journal logging.

SOA Implementation