SOA Business Application

SOA Business Applications (SOBA’s), sometimes referred to as Composite Applications, are user centric applications


supporting highly collaborative and dynamic business processes which span several functional areas across and beyond organizations. SOBA’s make use of data and functions provided as services by platforms and applications, combining these into user-centric processes and views, supported by own business logic and specific user interfaces. A SOBA combines existing application components or services, enabling new business functionality at a lower cost than traditional coding methods. Commercially available application development tools that include business process and web services orchestration provide the structure to develop traditional and modern composite applications. Composite enable business innovation through IT flexibility and increase organization effectiveness by accelerating the deployment of strategic business initiatives.

Some of Visual Integrator’s offerings in developing SOBA and Composite Applications include:

  • Developing new SOBA applications through software engineering principles.
  • Leveraging existing customer services to configure SOBA systems for use.
  • Build “next generation” business-oriented systems that present the entire business process within the confines of a single system, view, and screen (thus eliminating “swivel chair integration”).
  • Automate Business Processes through use of SOBA’s/Composite Applications.
  • Map Business Process activities to specific services and user functionality.
  • Develop, measure, and monitor KPI, SLA’s through use of SOBA. Examples include improved customer satisfaction, sales and channel development, cost reduction, governance adherence, quality improvement.
  • Integrate SOBA’s with commercially available services such as widgets, Google Gadgets, AppExchange, Yahoo, and Facebook.
  • Develop SOBA’s based on “mash-up” techniques of combing multiple 3rd-party services into a new business system.