Service Identification

You have to know what you have, before you can plan where you are going.

Through a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), we can begin to ask our applications and technology systems to do more with less. SOA encompasses many different aspects: Strategy, Technology, Business, Mission, Governance, and Process and therefore Services and assets that exist across the enterprise must be assessed to determine how they can be leveraged. Just like how you’re typical alpha-male likes to know what and where items exist in their home garage (tools, materials, junk, etc), a business needs to know what and where assets exist in their enterprise, so they can quickly leverage the functionality for their business processes and organizational improvements.

Visual Integrator has a robust methodology that helps our customers determine what they have, where it exists, what they need, and how to get it. We help scan the enterprise to produce an inventory and report documenting existing capabilities across the corporate landscape and determine what assets can be leveraged, exposed, and re-used. We also help identify what constitutes a re-usable or shared service, and what services are ripe for exposing across organization, departments, and companies..

Some of the phases involved in our Service Identification offering include:

  • Identifying, cataloging all existing services, artifacts, assets (services, org charts, process flows).
  • Gap Analysis on where high value services
  • Identify Best of Breed Assets for future use
  • Develop, create, and expose existing, new, legacy services for enterprise.

Service Identification