Identity Management

In the face of global threats, natural disasters and political unrest, government organizations are challenged to comply with new IT and physical security requirements that help safeguard people, information and data. Many of these standards and guidelines were not in place when the organizations originally established their security programs.
With more than 10 years of real-world experience, Visual Integrator is a leader in Identity Management Solutions. Visual Integrator has a demonstrated record of helping government organizations undertake security and identity management initiatives to better protect borders, trade, critical infrastructure, and sensitive information.

These solutions include:

  • Identity Management
  • Security, Risk and Compliance
  • Federated Identity Management
  • Border, Transportation and Security

Our team has led some of the most technologically-advanced, standard-setting security projects in the public sector. These include the first fully certified HSPD-12 solution; one of the largest and longest-running smart card implementations in the U.S.

Visual Integrator has a record of delivering large, complex security projects with aggressive time lines. We’ve coordinated hundreds of stakeholders; completely overhauled business processes; developed complex technology systems; implemented systems in hundreds of locations worldwide; and rolled out solutions in only 60 days.

Visual Integrator has a strong reputation across the public sector for developing innovative and practical security solutions – solutions such as the FDIC’s risk assessment program and the Department of Defense Common Access Card program. Many of our pilots are being rolled out on a larger scale. We have demonstrated experience in both logical and physical access control, helping government entities comply with FISMA, HSPD-12, and other security and credentialing regulations. We help clients overcome the challenges of cost, complexity, and compliance while enhancing security and reducing risk.

We understand what works, with whom to work and how to help our clients get results. To help our clients achieve sustainable results, we balance the strategic, operational, and technical components of security projects. Our solutions take into account practical concerns like governance, work flow, training, and organizational structure. Our security experience is deep and varied. Our team of more than 130 global security consultants has implemented solutions for network and data security, physical access control, border control, and the protection of critical infrastructure and the global supply chain.

Our Security and Identity Management Solution Team has designed and developed a Global Identity Management Center of Excellence to showcase solutions and capabilities across all markets.