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It’s no doubt that as business demands continue to increase in both size and complexity, solutions will as well. See how our Industry Experts can best serve you.

Microservices Strategy and Advisory Services

We’ll guide you through the Paradigm shift to a Microservices Architecture. Senior Architects, Referential Architecture, and Repeatable Frameworks enable your Success.

API Architecture and Integration

API and Integration is our bread and butter. Whether enabling your organization or executing Full Lifecycle Development, we effectively “get it done”.

Microservices / API DevOps

Let us streamline your Software Development and Delivery Process to render a Microservices/API Best Practice DevOps Process.

“We’ve tuned our offerings based on our Client’s Demand. Whether it is a Fortune 50 or a Fortune 500 Company, the same needs are emerging time and again. Tyler Eastridge

Director of Client Success and Business Development

Microservices Strategy and Advisory Services

Through People, Process, and Technology we can guide your Microservices Strategy.

 A move to a Microservices Architecture is more than an API technology acquisition, but a philosophical shift in design. People need to understand the new paradigm, new processes are required and proper Technical Architecture deployed.


Our “C4E” Framework readies Organizations to deliver Microservices-Based Systems. Enabling your people to deliver effective Microservices-Based Applications.

VIC’s Center for Enablement (C4E) is a comprehensive framework to enable governance, design competence, flexibility and team understanding of Microservices patterns and effective practices.

David deBosiblanc

Chief Operating Officer



Proper Governance is essential to Microservices Success. Repeatable Patterns, Error Handling, Logging, Design Concepts, and Testing are essential. VIC Senior Consultants and Repeatable Approaches facilitate the Paradigm Shift.
Effectively leveraging Technology requires proper Architecture. VIC’s Referential Architecture provides a guide for our Senior Architects to design a Microservices Architecture and Project Roadmap.
API and Integration
Let us increase your business efficiency using the power of APIs
At Visual Integrator, we understand that designing and architecting API’s is a lot harder than developing and engineering API’s. Jordan Braunstein

Chief Technology Officer

Project, Design, and Execution Roadmaps with API Best Practices.
Frameworks for Design Patterns, Error Handling, Logging, Security, Performance, Testing, and Monitoring help accelerate your API Adoption.
Govern and Manage API’s for repeatability across your Enterprise.

3-Layered Structure Expertise; System, Process, and Experience Layer Patterns and Frameworks


Enterprise Architecture


API Deployment and Development

API Deployment and Development is one of the pillars of our practice. Our offerings include: Detailed Architecture Design and Leadership, Full Project Life Cycle Management and Development, Development Accelerators, Cloud Deployment and Integration, IoT integration, as well as other Integration Specialties.

Microservices Strategy and Planning

We have a robust Microservices Strategy and Planning offering. Including our proprietary ACE “API Center for Enablement” methodology, as well as Package Selection, Enterprise Integration Global Architecture Planning, and Security Design.

Managed Services

Visual Integrator Consulting has managed service solutions for all integration tools to lower your Total Cost of Ownership
The API Factory – MaaS
Enjoy the benefits of Microservices Development as a Service with our Proprietary API Factory Solution
Fixed Price
Fixed Price API’s and Integration Roll-out
Pre-built Integrations
Pre-Built Integrations to many Systems, SaaS, and Clouds
Existing Frameworks
Existing Frameworks including Security, Performance, and Monitoring
Managed Services
Including Operations and Sustainment
Rapid Delivery
We understand Time is of the Essence
Outsource your C4E to the API Experts
We have a bullpen of API Experts, Developers, Testers, and Administrators to build, test, and operate APIs and Business Applications methodically and collaboratively.
Planned for Success
Built for Quality
Seamless Testing

Smooth Operation

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