Enterprise Performance Management & Hyperion

There is a significant and growing body of research that information-based business strategies and an analytical orientation are often characteristics of high performing, competitively differentiated organizations. The differentiators include pervasive decision support and analytical capabilities and an executive culture that places a high value on analytical insight.
Effective BI is not purely a tools exercise. The ability to execute within a business-oriented vision and a broader enabling framework of enterprise information management practices remains a differentiator. The true enterprise value of BI can be unlocked when there is cultural acceptance of information-based business strategy and a commitment to developing information as a corporate asset.

Visual Integrator has a framework to help an organizations align strategic and business planning with operational execution – both on-going operations and special initiatives. The components in our framework provides a necessary foundation for helping organizations measure and monitor performance while integrating their resources along the way, in order to ensure both organization and initiative success.

A sampling of our EPM and Hyperion service offerings include:

  • Financial / Balanced Scorecard Focus
  • Integration with budgeting, planning forecasting processes
  • Typically period end data
  • Traditional data warehouse and reporting / dashboard approach
  • Hal Migration

VIC’s has an EPM vision and implementation approach of leveraging client’s investment in ERP systems to maximize Return on Investment (ROI), enhance timely and accurate information delivery, improve reporting and corporate governance while increasing efficiency/effectiveness throughout the organization. Our EPM Today methodology is powered by the Hyperion (EPM) suite of products and analytics. Hyperion EPM solution consists of a mix of Hyperion and “Certified Vendor Partner” applications such as:

  • An enterprise-wide relational data warehouse that draws operational and financial data from virtually any source, including the ERP, legacy systems, 3rd party applications, other warehouses, spreadsheets, flat files, etc.
  • Analytical applications that transform data into value-added information based on leading practice performance measurement approaches such as Planning and Forecasting, Enterprise Scorecard, Activity Based Management (ABM), Funds Transfer Pricing (FTP), Risk Weighted Capital (RWC), Asset/Liability Management (ALM), etc.
  • Web-enabled, interactive reporting and analytical tools that report on data from pre-configured data marts

The VIC EPM Today solution will execute a ‘Done Once, Done Right’ approach across four major areas

  • One enterprise process – providing all levels of management with the operational and financial information needed to align decision making with organizational and line of business strategies and be rewarded appropriately for their contributions
  • One version of the truth – a common definition and source of information that reduces the need for reconciliation and redundant data collection, while increasing the enterprise and external visibility to the drivers of performance
  • One step access – the delivery of information tailored to the individual user which enables drill down from strategic to operational data for business analysis and modeling
  • One integrated architecture – a flexible and salable architecture which efficiently facilitates the capture, transformation, enrichment and distribution of financial and operational data across the enterprise