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BI Services

BI Services

Does your business experience these typical Pain Points?

  • Multiple systems and databases are maintained at a high cost and provide low quality or inconsistent information
  • Limited company-wide visibility into customer profitability / other data critical to informed decision making
  • Limited company-wide ability to segment and serve customers according to value to the organization
  • Marketing and sales investments aren’t yielding sufficient return or impact
  • Inefficient resource allocation
  • CFO: Scrutiny of data quality and systems; insufficient visibility to decision-making tools and information; increasing reliance on non-ledger data in public reporting and communications; increasing stakes with compliance pressures and penalties.
  • EVP Sales/CMO: Limited ability to dissect customer / account information; new regulations (privacy, security) make it difficult to cross-sell and up sell to customers.
  • Information Management Professionals: Need to do the impossible – provide credible analysis and reports with insufficient visibility and standards. They are pioneers in the IM world and need our support.

Does your IT organization experience these typical Pain Points?

  • Data resides in multiple, disconnected systems
  • Lack of consistent, common data definitions and measures complicate data integration
  • Accounting systems don’t capture cost information at the right level
  • Basic data quality and governance issues
  • CIO: Charged with taming the information beast and reaping the benefits of previous IT investments (which have produced the massive volume of information). Cost and performance pressures from business (do more with less): compliance mandates, business integration and growth, and IT project cost justification and ROI.

Visual Integrator recognizes the diversity across corporate environments, objectives and capabilities. We believe organizations can be effective amid a rapidly evolving market by matching needs and pain points to mature technology enablers on a just-in-time basis and executing incrementally against a time-based road map. This approach is practical for organizations regardless of where they are on the BI maturity continuum. Visual Integrator offers Business Intelligence (BI) Solutions help our customers achieve measurable ROI through BI:

Maturity Model

Predictive Analytic

Provides an approach for organizations to gain a deep understanding of their current information by developing/leveraging analytical processes and advanced data mining techniques. This discovery-driven analysis is complemented by the development of “what if” scenarios that can help predict future behavior. Key enablers for this offering are detailed techniques related to trend analysis, segmentation model development and model simulation. Our solution includes developing applications that are Predictive in nature, deal with Large quantities of data, and leverage Advanced statistical modeling, data mining and visualization techniques.

Operational Business Intelligence

Provides capabilities and technologies to enable fact-based decision-making. These operational decisions are used to run the business on a day-to-day basis. Key enablers are techniques for defining Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Critical Success Factors (CSFs), predictive modeling and historical trend analysis. Our solution includes developing applications that are Process or functional orientation; combine Actionable information in dashboards, reports and alerts; Combination of period end and near real time information; Integration with process management (e.g., Business Activity monitoring).

BI Consolidation

Most organizations have 5-20 different BI tools across the enterprise, each with different information content, access and analysis capabilities. These environments are prone to data inconsistency, software licensing inefficiencies and process overhead. By rationalizing existing and planned investments, organizations can leverage current investments while transitioning to a more adaptable, integrated information environment which supports better access to standardized data and enterprise performance and risk measures.

BI in the Cloud

Visual Integrator has architect and deployed BI in cloud environments that take advantage of visualization, elasticity, and off-promise. This includes data warehousing, Extract/Transform/Load, and Real-time dashboards.

OBIEE Services

We are management and technology consultants who get extraordinary things done. And our clients tell us we do it differently.
We help deliver sustainable and measurable results. Day in and day out.

Our approach is collaborative and flexible. Constantly innovating, we seek out the best way, not just “the” way.
Our passionate and dedicated consultants bring management and technology experience to the table.
Clients tell us they love working with us. Because we get things done. Differently.

OBIEE Services

Visual Integrator’s Business Intelligence and Performance Management (BI/PM) solutions based on Oracle systems help our clients access the right information to make timely decisions that achieve both strategic objectives and day-to-day operational requirements. These solutions leverage existing investments in enterprise resource planning and other systems to deliver value quickly.

  • OBIEE architecture, development, and governance
  • OBIEE 11g planning and migration
  • Oracle BI Publisher expertise
  • Oracle ERP and CRM Analytic
  • Data Integration In and Out of APEX

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