Application Development


Oracle Application Express (APEX): is a rapid application development tool that allows organizations to stand up web-enabled, user friendly systems very quickly and at low cost. APEX has built a large user community and become the “Microsoft Access of the Web World”. Visual Integrator has been at the forefront of APEX technology and tools since its inception as HTML Db. We have authored books, white papers, and Blog entries on APEX recommendations. However, even though APEX helps simplify the complexities of building web systems, there are still man considerations that need to be addressed throughout the APEX life cycle. Some of these considerations include:

  • Website extension
  • PL/SQL customizations
  • Data Integration In and Out of APEX
  • Database scaling and tuning
  • Data Integration In and Out of APEX
  • User Interface and Usability design
  • Data Modeling
  • Identity management
  • Security architecture
  • System performance.

IDE/GTN Convergence(IGC)-Value Dashboard

Visual Integrator addresses all these considerations and works closely with our customers to ensure your APEX environment, systems, applications, users, and overall architecture are properly designed for scalability, extensibility, and simplicity. Some of the areas we have helped customers leverage APEX include:

  • APEX Design and Architecture Reviews
  • User Interface Design workshops
  • Rapid Application Development methodologies
  • Rapid Prototyping and Requirements Validation
  • APEX Security Assessments and Leading Practices
  • Extensibility: JSP Plug-ins
  • Web Services Integration
  • APEX Framework Development
  • APEX Training

Web Center

Oracle Web Center is Oracle’s flagship portal product for delivering unified, personalized, and accessible content for end users to collaborate in their business functions. This can include employees, customers, and trading partners. The range of functionality can be from content sharing to self-service enablement and features range from role-based views, User Interface personalization and single point of interaction. Visual Integrator has been at the forefront of Oracle Web Center as early adopters, especially with our heritage and experience implementing Web Logic, Oracle Application Server, Plum tree, and OC4J. We are working closely with our customers to bring our wealth of portal expertise to ensure all Web Center implementations are successful and have high ROI.

Web Center

Some areas we have been helping customers with their Oracle Web Center projects include:

  • Portal Architecture Design and Reviews (Scalability, Extensibility, Security, Data Modeling)
  • Specific Portals: Employees, Trading Partners, Customer Self-Service, Executive Dashboards
  • Collaboration and Knowledge Management
  • Port let Design
  • Enterprise Search Design
  • Web 2.0 Integration
  • Work flow Automation
  • Load and Stress Testing
  • Identity Management Integration
  • Content and Document Management Integration
  • Enterprise System Integration
  • Jump Start Implementation for Rapid Results
  • Version 10g to 11g migrations


Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF) is a leading Java EE framework for building Rich Enterprise Applications. It is Oracle’s recommended replacement for Oracle Forms and allows organizations to develop robust applications with high levels of functionality by using the templates in the framework. This includes web, Mobile, and Desktop focused applications.

Visual Integrator has expertise in ADF framework, and how to architect applications that perform well in enterprise environments. We have been developing applications in Oracle’s preferred Integrated Development Environment’s (IDE) such as JDeveloper and Eclipse, since the early stages of the tools inception. Our Oracle Ace’s and consultants are proficient in web development, databases, Web Services, portals, and user interfaces to ensure your applications are properly designed, consistent, easy to use, easy to support, secure, efficient, and of the highest code quality. Each of our ADF applications goes through Java EE code quality reviews to protect our clients from introducing poor quality code, spaghetti code, or buggy code. We employ early testing cycles and user validation techniques to ensure defects are identified and rectified early in the software life cycle.

Some of the areas we have helped customers with their ADF implementations include.

  • Rich Internet Application Development. User Interfaces with Extreme Functionality!
  • Web 2.0 Enablement. Includes integration into Collaboration, document management, content management, Social Computing, and Cloud Providers
  • Mash-ups with other data sources, such as Google, Sales Force, Yahoo, and Web Services
  • Usability Design and Reviews
  • ADF Training and Mentoring
  • Oracle Forms to ADF Conversion and Migrations
  • Web Service integration
  • ADF Integration to Enterprise Systems (ERP, BI, Hyperion, Warehouse, CRM, IDM)
  • Customizations using AJAX, DHTML, XML, JavaBeans, JSP, JSF, Struts,
  • Agile Methodology for incremental, parallel, and rapid development
  • ADF Proof of Concept and Prototyping