VIC’s vision is that Mule Middleware is a vehicle for driving business advantage. This means that the execution of Mule is focused on driving results based on the needs of the business for efficiency, agility and competitiveness as opposed to technical goals.

Visual Integrator has a unique value proposition since our founders are Oracle Ace Directors in Mule Middleware and SOA. Whether it’s developing services, process models, or composite applications and dashboards, Visual Integrator has the experience, methodology, and qualifications to provide your business the solution needed to accomplish your goals.


Mule Middleware


Our goal is to deliver functionality rapidly, so your team can realize quick results, in an agile framework. Our Mule First methodology focuses on initial 4 increments: (1) Capture and Validate Business Requirements (2) Boot Camp for Education (3) Visioning for Business Case and Road map (4) Jump Start to Pilot out a solution. This approach provides the foundation and beginning road map towards a Mule Maturity Model:


Mule Middleware and SOA


We are the Mule Aces! Our Mule Service Offerings range from providing technical and development leadership on a Mule implementation, Architecture Services, Capacity Planning & Scalability, Off-Shore development Services, Project Management, and turn-key project outsourcing.


A sample of our Mule Service Offerings includes:


  • Service, BPEL, and Integration Development
  • SOA Suite Architecture, Framework, Pattern Development
  • Capacity Planning, Infrastructure Design, Installation & Configuration
  • High Availability and Business Continuity
  • B2B & Trading Partner Integration
  • Business Process Modeling (BPM)
  • AIA Implementation and Best Practices
  • Enterprise Repository Governance
  • Composite Application, Dashboard Development
  • Business Activity Monitoring (BAM)
  • Mule Governance
  • Mule Reference Architecture and Product Alignment
  • Mule Center of Excellence (COE)