Web And Custom Application Development

The reliance on the Internet as the primary vehicle for software tool utilization and development has lead companies to build many one-off websites and interfaces. However, with the advent of Portals, which can used as a unified and common access point for information sharing, knowledge consumption, and overall collaboration for building a highly effective enterprise, organizations can centralize their views of the organization.

A composite application combines existing application components or services, enabling new business functionality at a lower cost than traditional coding methods.

Commercially available application development tools that include business process and web services orchestration provide the structure to develop traditional and composite applications.

Composite applications can increase organization effectiveness by accelerating the deployment of strategic business initiatives.

Visual Integrator has experience in web and portal development, such as:

  • Personalization of web development in role and view-based systems
  • Web 2.0 development such as mash-ups, wiki’s, blogs, and social networking
  • Incorporating Google components, such as Search, gadgets, and Google services
  • Development of drag and drop Widget and Gadget Development and incorporating into an SOA infrastructure
  • Dashboard and Report development
  • Content Management
  • Single Sign On
  • Collaboration services