Testing Services

Visual Integrator’s philosophy on Testing is to implement services for minimizing the defects in a system, ensuring engineering quality, and improving the customer experience.

System & Integration Testing provides an overarching process for planning and executing business solution verification, including testing metrics, functional coverage, and technology coverage. System Testing determines the ability of a system to

Testing Services

meet the desired functional, scalability and performance requirements before deployment. Automated testing tools are typically used to test scalability and performance by simulating the repetitious execution of business functions found in a production environment. Integration Testing verifies that the interfaces between the new system and the existing systems function as expected. Automated testing tools can assist with integration testing. However, only human interaction with the new system can confirm that the system meets functional ease-of-use requirements. Our testing services are offered in combination with other business systems integration services, or as an individual service when a client desires an outside organization to manage testing.

Some Example of our Solution Offerings:

  • Independent Verification and Validation
  • Automated Testing of cases and scripts
  • Performance, Stress, and Infrastructure Testing
  • Test-Driven Development
  • Test Case Traceability
  • Security Testing
  • Integration Testing

Some of our Differentiating Capabilities in Testing :

  • We have an experienced Methodology that chooses best approaches from commercial methodologies. (RUP, Agile, Six Sigma, ITIL).
  • We have an Integrated approach to linking functional requirements to test cases and tracing the test cases and results through each phase of the system life cycle.
  • We have Automated execution and monitoring of results, using testing tools to execute test cases and provide web-based and XML based results for use throughout the lifecycle.
  • We leverage innovative approaches such as Code Coverage, Continuous Integration, and Test-driven development to ensure code minimizes defects and provides informative reports on test results and phases.