ERP Consulting

“If enterprises focus only on the ‘e’ in E-business, they will fail,” says William T. Clifford, president and CEO of GartnerGroup.

Visual Integrator understands the technology and has the experience of E-Business and ERP systems to help ensure the success of your IT strategies. We advise executives to approach ERP implemenations holistically. A key challenge will be to integrate technology into the core of the business, rather than use technology to create ancillary or parallel businesses. Enterprises that fail to do this will waste valuable time and may not survive.

Visual Integrator is a premier provider of Oracle centric consulting services. We have accomplished this by differentiating ourselves from our competition thereby maximizing our resources to ensure the success of our clients through supporting our

ERP Consulting

employees and business partners. Our focus in Oracle technologies has enabled us to build an incredible foundation of experience and knowledge from the combined experiences and the lessons learned from each engagement. We have incorporated this information into a knowledge base, which we share freely with our consultants and customers. Our investment and dedication to the continuous improvement of our knowledge base reflects Visual Integrator’s belief that we must support our employees, business partners, and customers. Visual Integrator’s success in harnessing the power of the experience of the one, and of the many is what differs Visual Integrator from our competition. The knowledge base shall be continuously extended to include information and experience gained from each engagement. In addition, our staff will search the industry for information regarding all facets of e-business and incorporate it into our knowledge base. We continuously explore new ways of capturing and sharing the experience and lessons learned from the industry.

Hand Crafted *Oracle RDBMS and *Oracle eBusiness Suite Optimized Install Services
We have invested substantially in the continuous improvement of the processes and techniques relevant to the installation and optimization of Oracle RDBMS and Applications. We have the proven experience to configure and install *Oracle RDBMS and/or *Oracle eBusiness applications in a manner consistent with the hardware configuration handcrafted to meet our client’s organizations business needs, tuned to provide near-optimal performance, and with inherent growth and upgrade provisions.

Oracle eBusiness Applications Custom Development & Integration
Visual Integrator has the expertise and tools to customize the latest release of eBusiness Applications, with specific expertise with Oracle Financials modules. We also have a proven path methodology which enables us to integrate your business applications with the Oracle eBusiness suite. This includes the development of real-time interfaces, and data conversions to migrate your existing data from legacy systems with Oracle eBusiness Applications.

Oracle eBusiness Suite Applications Implementation and Upgrade Services
We have the knowledge, experience and mature methodology to successfully implement a new Oracle Applications environment, or to upgrade existing systems. Our approach has proven successful through many successful engagements.

Health & Status Evaluation Services
Visual Integrator can perform a ‘Health and Status’ evaluation of our client’s Oracle environment (onsite or offsite), including the Oracle database and Oracle applications. This information will include recommendations to improve the performance, reliability, and maintainability of the system.