IT Services

Successful and Business-aligned Information Technology (IT) is the #1 challenge that continues to riddle CIO’s across the globe. Many companies are tackling their “IT challenges”, in order to automate their business processes. However, most of these companies didn’t realize the complexity of implementing IT systems and now realize they require specific methodologies, in order to be successful.

The simple truth is that IT activities are the most difficult initiatives faced by companies today even when using Commercial Off The Shelf Software (COTS) specifically designed to accomplish these initiatives. All companies want to achieve positive ROI from their IT initiatives; so many invest heavily in technology to achieve their desired integration results. However, the complexity of their implementation does not disappear when using COTS or software designed for integration.

Visual Integrator Consulting specializes in helping companies achieve 100% value from their technology investments. We work with companies to simplify the “IT challenge” by applying proven integration methodologies. Whether it’s Enterprise Resource Planning, Database consulting, webServices, Mainframe Integration, Testing, etc, Visual Integrator Consulting has the in-house expertise, experience, and relationships to help companies complete the “IT challenge”. Our team provides business and technology solutions, focused on the IT industry, to help customers solve the toughest of integration scenarios.