Fusion Cloud

For Oracle customers and partners who want to take advantage of the productivity gains that Fusion 11g offers, and want to experience it rapidly, Visual Integrators introduces Fusion Cloud. A complete, co-located or dedicated Fusion 11g environment that contains everything you need for Fusion business efficiency, including:


  • SOA Suite 11g: Includes SOA suite,  Oracle Service Bus, BAM, BPEL, CEP, MDS
  • WebCenter 11g, with Portal, Spaces, Services, Composer, Web 2.0
  • WebLogic 11g Admin Server with ADF, Node Manager, and Enterprise Control
  • Oracle Enterprise Database: Login and User Account
  • Award-winning 24/7 support with 99.9% uptime


These are turnkey– shared or dedicated environments that are ideal for Business Production Systems, development environments, training, staging, and other Business purposes. Fusion Cloud is also the perfect platform for prototypes, runtime demos, and proof of concepts, available 24/7 from anywhere.


Upon activation, your Fusion Cloud environment will be ready within 24 hours.

There are no upkeep and maintenance costs, no learning curves, and no firewall and server issues. No obstacles to prevent your team from taking advantage of these incredible new technologies right now!

Fusion Cloud is available in 3 different options—


  • co-located dedicated virtual machines
  • dedicated hardware
  • shared Fusion environment with separated webLogic domains.


No long-term contracts, no long-term commitments, just a simple monthly subscription gets you your Best Practice Fusion environment in 24 hours.


Joint the growing list of satisfied customers we are leveraging the low-cost, high ROI aspects of the Fusion Cloud for ERP integration, ecommerce, B2Bi and EDI integration, Healthcare and case management, insurance and claims management, software benchmarking and performance management.


Our Infrastructure


Visual Integrator server and storage infrastructure is hosted in state-of-the-art data centers across various parts of the country.


To meet the security and compliance requirements of our customers, we operate in a SAS 70 Type II certified and PCI Level 1 compliant data centers. Our data centers are staffed 24 hours per day and protected by perimeter security and video surveillance.


Our Servers

Being a member of the Sun Microsystems Partner Advantage network, we utilize Sun servers that run both Solaris and Linux. Servers are configured for fault-tolerance and high availability, as required. For Windows based applications, we utilize enterprise class servers in accordance with customer requirements.


Our Network

Our network backbone consists of enterprise class routers that utilize the BGP4 routing protocol, combined with 100% fibre optic OC-192 connections to multiple tier 1 providers. This yields the best performance as well as immediate failover.


Visual Integrator servers connected to the internet are capable of a burst throughput of 100Mbs upstream and downstream (Between 100-1000 the speed of DSL), which is the equivalent speed of a Local Area Network (LAN).


Visual Integrator continuously, to ensure reliability and performance for your enterprise applications and Internet presence.


Power Control / Distribution

High end Power Distribution Units supply clean power from the UPS to servers.


A massive Inline UPS system provides interim backup power in the event of a power outage, capable of sustaining power until the diesel generator is activated.


A high capacity diesel generator provides backup power until primary power is re-established. The refuelable diesel generator can run indefinitely, due to refueling contracts that are in place.

Climate Control

Redundant climate control units maintain optimal air temperature and humidity in Visual Integrator data centers.