SaaS Adapters

The Challenge

SaaS solutions are facing a big problem in the enterprise landscape.  While their software provides solutions for business problems, more often than not it is not integrated within their customer’s enterprise.  SaaS software has limited interoperability, integration, and difficulty plugging into a multi-system business process.


While some SaaS providers provide webservices or API’s into their systems, many do not.  Even those that have the webservices, their customers still desire configurable adapters and integrated end-to-end processes which the SaaS providers simply cannot provide.


After all, why should they?  Integration is not their specialty and is very complex.


The Solution: VIC SaaS Adapter Framework

Visual Integrator has a unique solution—we provide a framework and solution to rapidly build and deploy SaaS Adapters.  While the large SOA vendors tend to ignore the small and mid size SaaS vendors while they focus on large system adapters such as Oracle, SAP, JDE, PeopleSoft, and Siebel—we do the opposite.  We focus on the small and mid size SaaS provider.  We help the vertical and industry specific SaaS provider.  We help the niche solutions ensure interoperability.  We provide a solution to integrate your SaaS software into your customer’s enterprise business processes.


Our SaaS Adapter solution includes the following:


  • Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) SaaS Adapters for SaaS providers.  SaaS providers can license this product to their customers and prospects as the robust integration into their software.  It provides features such as connection pooling, logging, clustering, simple configurations, data mappings
  • Shrink-wrapped end-to-end solution sets of integrated business processes.  This includes integrating the SaaS software with on-premise systems, or integrating the SaaS software into an existing SOA architecture or service bus.  Integrations include Oracle Fusion and SOA, SAP XI, IBM WebSphere, Software AG webMethods, Microsoft BizTalk, or any JEE-based application server.
  • Pre-defined Canonical model and XSD’s that provide business object representation of the SaaS solution.  Includes mappings to and from the Canonical models that can be leveraged for customer’s advantage.
  • Capability-based Integration into the SaaS software that include exposing and automating features that include: Human Workflow Automation, Identity Management, Federated Search, Mobile Integration, Social Integration, portlets, and common look and feel.
  • Compliance with standards that includes (but not limited): WS-*, SOAP, REST, WSRP, SAML, Oauth, UDDI, and much more.


Join customers such as CollegeNet who built a SaaS Adapter for the online registration and admissions SaaS Service, integrated to systems such as PeopleSoft Campus Solutions and SunGard Banner.  Their SaaS adapter has been licensed to many of their customers for flexible, extensible, and agile integrations.



The benefits of a SaaS Adapter include the following:

  • Object reusability
  • Simplify Publish/Subscribe Architecture
  • Mapping optimization
  • Clearly measurable ROI
  • Object maintenance
  • Development & Runtime efficiencies
  • Define Business Process
  • Governance Models
  • Standardization & Centralization of objects
  • Logically separate source and target development activities.
  • Strategic, Horizontal view of data across enterprise


The realities of Enterprise Integration are

  • Expensive
  • Complex
  • Requires Staff expertise
  • Distraction from Core Business
  • Constantly evolving
  • Necessary evil


You make the choice.  Contact Visual Integrator’s Integration Experts today at [email protected] or 303-470-1576 to ensure your SaaS solution is interoperable, scalable, and adaptable to your customer’s needs.