Cloud Architecture

With the paradigm shift to cloud, many CIO’s are still asking “What are the Best Practices?  Are we going to be the early adopters?”  To help alleviate the risk of implementing a Cloud solution—whether it by Public, Private, or Hybrid Cloud, Visual Integrator has developed a set of Cloud Architecture Best Practices to ensure your Cloud implementation is scalable, flexible, and minimizes risks.


Visual Integrator’s Cloud Architectures include any of the following initiatives:


  • Cloud Roadmap
  • Cloud Implementations
  • Cloud Assessment
  • Cloud Vendor Scorecard
  • Cloud Pilots


And includes any of the following tasks:


  • Infrastructure Design
  • Application Design
  • Capacity Planning
  • Business Process Automation
  • Key Performance Indicator thresholds and monitoring


Visual Integrator also employs a Cloud Start-up offering that helps companies rapidly leverage the value of Cloud:


  1. Cloud Boot Camp Education Workshop
  2. Cloud Read-In:  Assessment of organization’s readiness and recommended approach to Cloud enablement, including business value and business case.
  3. Cloud Pilot: Build a Production-ready Cloud service to demonstrate value rapidly and begin the Cloud Roadmap.


Roadmap to Cloud Enablement