Visual Integrator provides specialized services to meet the needs of our clients in various industries. With knowledge and expertise of the trends and business operations impacting the industries we serve, our professionals work with clients as true partners and advisors to evaluate complex issues and provide value added solutions.

Financial Services

Within our Financial Services practice, Visual Integrator has world class solutions in banking, insurance, and global markets for financial institutions both big and small. Through sound architecture, innovative ideas and concepts, and industry expertise, our customers realize the benefits of Visual Integrator’s financial offerings, which include tighter customer relationships, better customer service, business process and transaction automation, new channel development, and industry and regulatory compliance. Whether it’s automating Front-end or back-end applications, Visual Integrator helps our financial clients leverage their current investments and infrastructure to enhance, and extend their business for competitive advantages in the financial landscape.

Differentiating Capabilities:

  • Experts in financial services in Retail, wholesale, and securities banking: Cash Management, Foreign Exchange, Global Trade Services, Commercial Loan and Mortgage Origination, Online Payment Processing, Online Banking, and Corporate Customer Integration, T+1, CRM
  • Strong understanding of financial standards: FpML, SWIFTxml, MBA-xml, , FIXML, NTM
  • High marks in Past Performance for implementing, automating, and governing financial people, process, and technology for superior results

Some examples of our Solution Offerings:

  • Single View of the Customer
  • Managed File Transfer
  • T+1 Settlement and Next Generation Straight Through Processing
  • Basel II Compliance

Health Care

With the demand and cost of health care increasing, health care companies are looking for alternatives and solutions to help with the supply and demand imbalance. Our network of health care industry professionals will provide extensive advisory services that are specific to the evolving health care environment and the economics that drive it. We will help you align your strategies to achieve a competitive advantage in the changing marketplace. We also have experience with emerging standards such as HIPAA, insurance claims processing, and hospital sustainment.

The Clinical Trial Supply Chain Management (CTSM) team has identified key solutions and services that address the above needs. Our good track record uniquely positions us amongst analysts and customers as a company extremely focused on this niche space of R&D in life sciences companies.

The key set of solutions and service offerings include but are not limited to:

  • Business Process Re-engineering, Supply Chain Transformation, Enterprise Integration within R&D
  • Clinical Supply Chain Optimization and Performance Enhancement (c-SCOPE)
  • On Demand, Adaptive Clinical Supply Chain
  • CTSM Benchmarking, Maturity Assessment, Value Stream Mapping and CTSM Metrics
  • ERP and Point Solution Implementation for CTSM
  • cGxPCompliance Solutions for CTSM

Information Management (IM) work puts us at the intersection of the business and the technology solutions – it has historically led to other opportunities and long-term customers relationships. Information management includes six core, technology-independent offerings groups:

  • Information Strategy, Architecture and Governance solutions – Help establish the right standards and deal with information complexities
  • Enterprise Data Management solutions – Provide a cohesive and strategic view of client’s needs
  • Enterprise Content Management solutions – Transform difficult to manage information into workable solutions
  • Business Intelligence solutions – Support better decision-making Information
  • Asset Management solutions – Secure client’s information
  • Access, Search and Content Delivery solutions – Enhance worker productivity

Our Relationship Management Compliance solution, can be implemented and adopted rapidly due to its simple, user-centric, standards-based design. Key components of the technology include:

  • Repositories for health care provider transactions, business rules and control documents
  • A robust reporting environment
  • Secured, role-based user interfaces to enter planned and actual health care provider spending
  • A set of Web services to support real-time integration with existing business applications and data systems such as SAP financial accounting, health care provider master, time and expense, grants, and speakers and events management

In addition to applying a prepackaged compliance software solution, we developed an analytical framework and tools to quickly analyze a client’s current environment and help them develop a rapid implementation and adoption plan – one that helps reduce health care compliance risk while maintaining operational efficiency.

High Tech

Companies in the technology industry are innovators. While other industries may have the luxury of keeping up with change, technology companies must become thought leaders with future focus. Our technology consultants understand the importance of staying ahead of change, and they have developed an industry specific methodology to do just that. Our consultants have in depth expertise in the industry with many being involved in their own or industry start up organizations.


With globalization and advances in technologies, manufacturing companies face new challenges in the business production environment. Our consultants have been involved in various phases in the product life cycle. Our consultants provide in depth knowledge of the industry and best practices to our manufacturing clients.

Oil, Gas and Renewable Energy

Oil and gas prices are at record highs, and are not expected to decline given the growing demand in the marketplace. In the changing marketplace, Oil and Gas companies are facing challenges in growing reserves and regulatory requirements. Our consultants will provide advisory services to help companies maximize reserves and manage business and regulatory risks.

Visual Integrator is keen on improving our resources through the use of renewable energy, conservation, and recycling. We have experience working on “green” imitative in working with energy companies that focus on solar, wind, geothermal, and hydrogen power. We help support these organizations improve their processes for Research and Development, business processes, and enterprise governance.

The effort to drive value from the supply chain is becoming increasingly more important in the oil and gas sector. Strict compliance policies, globalization, and the effort to better integrate processes, suppliers, and customers to drive value, the supply chain is becoming increasingly more complex.

Our suite of oil and gas tailored Supply Chain Management solutions are designed to help manage that complexity and drive value. Our solution offerings range from system integration to strategic sourcing. We have the experience and tools necessary to help clients more effectively manage and integrate their supply chain processes, customers and suppliers.

IS-Oil refers to SAP for Oil and Gas, a set of applications that supports fundamental business requirements while providing end-to-end solutions covering upstream, midstream, downstream, and marketing processes from wellhead to retail outlet.

These solutions are designed to lower costs, increase profitability and improve competitiveness. With IS-Oil, oil and gas companies can become more globally integrated while remaining regionally focused to forge stronger relationships with partners, improve decision making, and enhance organizational flexibility.

Visual Integrator offers an upstream solution template tailored to the independent oil and gas market that supports faster SAP implementations at a lower cost and with less risk. The Upstream Solution Template is based on real-world knowledge and experience garnered by Visual Integrator consultants’ extensive work on multiple projects for oil and gas companies.

Public Services

Within our Public Services practice, Visual Integrator has worked closely with our clients in Federal and Defense, State, Local, Health, and Intelligence Community sectors of various levels of government. By leveraging our pre-built assets, our experienced team members and leaders, and our firm understanding of Federal, State, and Local processes, we offer solutions and methodologies for both business and mission oriented government systems. We invest heavily in our Public Services practice, to ensure our consultants are equipped at solving our government’s most complex problems.

Differentiating Capabilities

  • Firm understanding of Government Standards: DoDAF, FEA, Global Information Grid (GIG)
  • Experienced on Government methodologies: Earned Value Management, Spiral Development
  • Large number of Cleared Personnel: Security Cleared personnel: TSI, SCI, NAC

Some examples of our Solution Offerings:

  • Empowering the War fighter
  • Improving the Citizens experience
  • Net centric and Web-enabling government systems
  • Information Sharing and Cross agency data exchange
  • Enabling Information Visibility
  • Fusion Center Architecture
  • Real Id


Whether you’re a consulting firm, legal provider, consumer driven-enterprise, business-driven company, or education provider, Visual Integrator understands the dynamics of various services industries. We understand the human elements that are the center of these organizations and how to ensure that service-related processes are successful.


Telecommunications technologies play a vital role in our business and life. As technologies, such as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and wireless broadband gain momentum in the marketplace, companies must align their strategies to technology advances, while providing exceptional service to customers. Our consultants provide in depth knowledge and experience of current trends and best practices in the industry and are eager to help telecommunication companies maximize the potential of the marketplace. We are experienced with many of the leading processes such as Order-to-Cash, Customer for Life, Product positioning, Customer Service integration, Provisioning, Billing.

Transportation and Logistics

With the expanding role of transportation and logistics industry and globalization, companies are becoming masters of the supply chain. Our consultants have extensive knowledge of the supply chain best practices and methodologies. We understand the roles of consumers, suppliers, inventory management, distribution centers, and. We understand these types of processes for perishable products, consumer products, retail-focused products, and business-to-business transactions.